The Concept

“Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”

Everything clever has already been thought, you just have to try to think it over again.

Behind QuickCalc stands a simple profile of requirements: to create a quick, exact and, above all, efficient way to create bills of quantities for tenders as well as offers or cost estimates. In addition, the post-processing should be easy and can be done without much effort. The highest value is placed on absolute practicality, ease of use and maximized workflows.

QuickCalc was originally developed by calculators for their own use. This is noticeable in the operation. Self-explanatory buttons, intuitive search functions and an easy-to-understand program flow are no mystery. QuickCalc is a tool for construction technicians and architects – you do not have to be a computer specialist!

In the element

The idea is not new, but now finds a professional implementation:

QuickCalc works with elements in which service book items are stored by factors. Masses are therefore only to be determined element-related and QuickCalc genieriert from the specification with the appropriate positions. Subsequent changes to the quantity of an item will automatically revaluate all affected items – without their intervention! This results in enormous synergy effects, which lead to considerable time savings when creating bills of quantities. The acquisition costs pay for themselves quickly.

QuickCalc ships with over 700 pre-built items and 6000 precalculated items. With this trunk a start into your first project is made easy, all data are changeable and can be adapted easily.


“The focus was on the development of QuickCalc based on practical work processes.”

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