With this release, a database update is performed that is incompatible with earlier versions. If you use the database in a file, an initial backup file is automatically created. If your data is to be managed in a SQL server, you are responsible for your own safety!

This version is only executable under a 64bit system as of Windows 7

Documentation – Innovations


  • Photos are automatically selected when added
  • Fixed various situations in which elements / positions lost focus
  • Report settings are now loaded in the background, which speeds up the start of the program
  • Selection and assignment of classifications corrected
  • Note when deleting construction stages, if they are used in constraints
  • Note when deleting parent groups when they are used in notes
  • Copy / paste construction description: Multiple selection possible
  • Various improvements to tooltips and labels
  • filter by item number now only searches for exact matches
  • Better distinction between default button and more
  • Note dialog and project management: set sorting is saved
  • Project management: Line height is adapted to text
  • Upon exiting QuickCalk, a confirmation is obtained
  • Dialogue specification now remembers the size correctly
  • Photos / documents in the project are now displayed in the order of addition
  • Categories for assignment by element are now sorted alphabetically
  • Reports now start in print preview mode
  • Yes / No Selection in the report now in German
  • When grouping in the tables, these can now also be opened / closed by clicking on Text
  • Total lines in the bill of quantities are only displayed if “total price” is selected

New features:

  • 64bit Version, thus more memory usable and also large reports possible – Attention Only 64bit version available, no support for 32bit systems!
  • Context menus (right mouse button) in all relevant tables
  • General acceleration of many operations
  • Price calculation: also multiplication and addition possible (not only%)
  • Classification and construction stage are output during Excel export
  • Indicator also visible in the project and specifications
  • New function “multiplier” for project element quantity calculation
  • New function “Replace variable with value” for project element Quantity calculation
  • Primary key for items no longer related to item number
  • Order of assigned photos editable
  • Photos can now also be assigned to notes, also in the report
  • With multiple selection of item positions in master / project, all corresponding master items are selected
  • Option to delete unused photos / documents in the project
  • With duplicate element can be selected, whether photos should be copied
  • If you select multiple project elements, the entire quantity is now also specified
  • Copy the values ​​in the info boxes to the clipboard (right mouse button)
  • Expandable display of the sum of deposited images for elements
  • percentage of a position in total as value and bar in the bill of quantities
  • Duplicate Project: Variables can be set to 0
  • Search in classifications
  • The element search can now also be searched in the long text
  • Top group of elements is displayed in the quantity calculation dialog
  • Font size in the tables adjustable
  • Context menus and buttons show which sort is currently active
  • Filter function now also available via the context menu of the element positions in the project
  • Double-click on variable now leads to the value entry (except in the quantity dialog => insert the variable in calculation)




  • Percentage change corrected for position prices
  • Explicit deactivation of the license when exiting the program (if selected)




  • Corrected import / export checklist
  • Setting Restrictions active in main program is saved
  • Error message with possibly incorrect watermark settings fixed




  • Fixed an error message when creating a project
  • Updated the display manufacturer improved
  • Corrected the assignment of building descriptions to elements when importing PowerCalc © projects

New features:

  • Pictures can be added from the clipboard




  • several corrections in reports
  • LV Calculate: Correction of the displayed prices
  • Pressure of individual elements / positions again possible
  • Better distinction between cost and price
  • When trying to delete images used now appears where they are used
  • Acceleration of the import function from Excel
  • Mouse pointer is displayed as a hand with clickable elements in status bar
  • Duplicate of building specifications corrected
  • Price / Cost Display updated

New features:

  • Multiple providers / prices per item
  • Goods groups introduced
  • Flag for root elements
  • Position import from Excel: all prices selectable
  • Columns in tables can be shown / hidden, resized and moved
  • Tooltips for buttons and options
  • Search function in notes
  • Project sums are displayed in various listings




  • Print parameters are not saved
  • Message saved when saving templates
  • Unit list is updated after deleting a unit

New features:

  • Associated photos are highlighted
  • Message when item is drawn into the project without price


“The focus has been on developing QuickCalc based on practical work processes.”