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Together with you, we check your registration status or help you with the registration


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We help you to get started with self-screening your business online.


Potential analysis

Together, we highlight the opportunities and risks in the digital world for your company. Which trends are currently available and where would you see your place?

Our certified consultant

Andreas Kragl

incite GmbH, Wien (Österreich)
Certified Digital Consultant

Focused consulting for business models & processes


Business models and appreciation

Service innovation, new business models, data as a resource, 3D printing, collaborative tools … my business model ?!


Products and services

Example: Augmented Reality – more than Virtual Reality! – Designers work with virtually present colleagues directly on a 3-D model


Employees and customer relationship

Generation 50+, Generation Z, Aus u. Continuing Education, Mobile Working, Social Media, Digital Presence, CRM Systems, Credibility and Reputation …



Document Management, E-Invoice, Digital Signature, Tracking & Tracing … Screening of operational processes!

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